VILLAS are Miel and D’Ari, a classic romance built on the abandonment of convention.

Both were immersed in Toronto’s creative circles when they stumbled into a life change. Faced with an offer they couldn’t refuse, they traded everything in for an isolated farm in rural Prince Edward County. The house had no front door, no plumbing, kitchen or bathrooms, and was inhabited by birds and raccoons on arrival. They called it their “villa”.

The villa was to be a lawless place, where every move they made was theirs and theirs alone. They vowed that here, they would “sing loud, fight loud and fuck loud”. However, they came to realize that when there is nothing to distract you from yourself, all will be revealed.

Having spent most of their lives in various music projects, they assembled a home studio and began to musically chronicle their unusual lives, their choices and their incredible capacity for uncertainty. Though the collection of songs was written, tracked and co-produced by Miel & D’Ari in isolation at the villa, they were invited to complete production and mixing at Interscope Studios in Los Angeles, which quickly became their creative home away from home. These songs have the feel of an intimate and difficult conversation, that somehow seems familiar and worldly.  

Miel and D’Ari write about the challenges of monogamy, the weight of isolation, mental illness and facing outside expectations. Villas’ unique perspective is rare in pop music; they interchange narratives of sexuality, feminism and relationships from both sides - Mars and Venus. 

VILLAS’ music exudes edgy R&B swagger and confidence, while delivering contemporary melodies with unexpected universality. Perhaps this universality is due to their collective Jamaican-Irish-French heritage, and the remote nature of VILLAS production team. Armed with a collection of new material due for release in 2017 and a captivating live show, Villas explore the gaps between the life we want to live, the life we are asked to live and the life we choose to live.