A big thank you to both our Toronto and Prince Edward County crew. This music came out of the lessons we learned living as urban rugrats, hustling for art in the big city. Leaving that madness, and retreating to the country taught us more than we could have dreamed. Shout out to the blood, sweat and tears it takes to make a living, build a house and a dream in the country. PEC gang - you're all warriors who have taught us so much. Sorry we've had to say no so much lately. Y'all mean the world to us. 

Big love to our families, who haven't always understood what the hell we were doing, but have supported us nonetheless. To the girls Kaya & Emmy - thanks for your patience and all the lessons you've taught us. Mad love to Jake Birch for being crazy enough to stick around and make music for so long. Glad you answered that phone call. To Ontario Arts Council, without your support we'd be working at Home Depot. Shout out to Savannah Shea for your love & generosity and to Raurie & Goldie Birch for your patience. Praise to GT for seeing something in us, sacrificing so much, and being a steadfast believer - your support & friendship means everything. To Sprackman & Terrence for telling it like it is, and forcing us to get our shit together. To Papa Bear Jamie 'Two Straws' Porter for being the most genuine man in the game and to Stephan Moccio for letting us steal your studio & engineer. Jay Paul Bicknell, thanks for being so legit, humble and a dream to work with. To DREAMADEIT, panther sister and creative mogul, we love you from pick-up trucks to PJ's. To Claudio, Micha & Archway Connection - thanks for being great neighbours and truly generous friends. To John, Hannah, Finny & Sam Booth, thanks for always letting us crawl into your house at sunrise, feeding us coffee and laughs: you are lifelong friends. To the Bandboxers (Zack, Adam, Jules, Sheena, Michael and more), love you guys. To Jay Marcovitz, for your early contribution, talent and passion for music. To The Hive, T.O. crew (Tim Abes, Alister & Oli Johnson) for being our studio home away from home. To Dave Tolley, Brian Macmillan & Scott Galloway for years of music making, late night jams, all the sessions, all the songs, and all the laughs. To Colin Caldwell, Cherie & The Field, Joao Carvalho & Crew at Joao Carvalho Mastering, Crxsh, Andy Stochansky,

To all the music-makers, art-believers and creators that dedicate their lives to the pursuit of this crazy game. Thanks for doing what you do. "Not till we are lost, in other words not till we have lost the world, do we being to find ourselves, and realize where we are and the infinite extent of our relations." Henry David Thoreau.